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District E-mail Change (overview)

 The district is changing its e-mail accounts from Monterey County Officer of Education (MCOE) accounts [<user>] and SoledadApps accounts [<user>] to SoledadK12 accounts [<user>]

Phase 1 – Starts on 4/25/2011

1.      Move most MCOE (< accounts to either SoledadApps (<user> or SoledadK12 (<user>

2.   Users transitioning from MCOE to SoledadK12 accounts can find instructions on how to make this transition by clicking here or on the link on the left.  Users must have a SoledadK12 account to log into these instructions.  Contact Patrick Hanson at for account informtion.

3.      Maintain only a few selected MCOE accounts for 2011-12

4.      Completion date 8/31/2011

 Phase 2 – Starts 8/15/2011

1.      New teachers receive SoledadK12 accounts (<user>

2.      Begin transition from SoledadApps (<user> to SoledadK12 (<user> for all accounts.  This transition will take about a year. 

3.      Completion date 9/30/2012 - All SoledadApps accounts (<user> will close on this date.

You will find more information on this site about this change.